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NousPratIT will design and develop the IT tools you need to run and grow your business.


Build your business online

NousPratIT has a team of experts that can help you design and develop intelligent solutions or even your entire business online, so you can continue grow it.

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You know your business/customers

We know Information Technology

Bring your business knowledge or idea and we will design and develop it with the latest technology, fast, accurately and fairly.

We do more, for you

NousPratIT has many happy clients in various industries, because of our dedicated teams that have knowledge and insight to develop good products that do more.

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Outsource of IT Professionals

QA&C Testing (Quality Assurance & Control Testing)

NousPratIT has a very dynamic approach for attracting the right talent to complete Quality Assurance & Control Testing for leading companies in Greece and Europe.

Support (Entersoft Business Suite)

NousPratIT invests in training IT graduates to make them qualified Software Consultants that can provide support onsite or remotely.

IT Professionals

Senior Programmers whether Front End, Back End, Full Stack, .NET Developers, Javascript are just some of the main IT professionals we can source.

Contact NousPratIT

Contact us today for a demo or simply to discuss your IT requirements.

29 Tatoiou Street, Metamorfosi, 14451, Athens, Greece
+30 210 5121211

Welcome to the state-of-the-art of technology!

NousPratIT is a start-up, driven, greek company that provides solutions in the Development & Implementation areas of IT. Founded by professionals with over 20 years experience in information technology at the areas of Sales, Services, Software Development, Project Management and Business Development.


Explore our range of solutions!

NousPratIT has a wide range of products and services that maximize the benefits and profits of your business.

Software Product Development

Having tremendous experience and knowledge of current technology trends and constantly researching new trends, we create product-solutions always in cutting-edge technology that come to meet your particular needs and requirements.

Projects Implementation

Having a deep knowledge and experience of business needs and after having spent many years working with the top systems of the foreign and greek market (ERP, CRM etc.), we are able to digital transform your business in the best possible way.


Having built a large circle of acquaintances and collaborators in the field of information technology, we are able to commission on your behalf the implementation of IT projects and services to our certified external partners.


After all these years of experience and training of our executives in a wide range of IT projects has made us more than capable of providing you with the best consultancy that includes a huge range of technology matters.


The name NousPratIT is the combination of the words, Nous (mind in Greek), Prat (prato means 'to make') and IT (Information Technology).

We believe that creating value for our clients comes from using the Mind (Nous) to make (Prat) Intelligent (IT) Solutions. We combine the knowledge of our most valuable asset, the expert teams at NousPratIT, to design the right IT solution, utilizing the latest technology, specifically for you.

At NousPratIT our main goal is to design intelligent solutions, for you!

What differentiates us from the rest?


Our relationship with you to be based on respect and trust.


To develop solutions giving added value to your company/organization and personnel.


To be your Strategic and Trustworthy associate in terms of information technology and new technologies, by providing you and the corresponding market Knowledge, Honesty and Value.
  • Co-operation with IBM to customize IBM Maximo® for Asset Management and Facilities Management that provide a wide range of solutions for many sectors.

  • Provision of Specialized Services for Consultancy, Architecture Design, Analysis, Integration, Implementation and Testing.

  • Independence – Flexibility. Emphasis is placed on the analysis of the company’s needs and priorities. Then, the optimal solution is being chosen, guaranteed by NousPratIT.

  • Project Implementation Methodology. For Project Implementation, we rely on well-known Methodologies (PRINCE2-PMBOR) tailored to the particular needs of each Project / Customer.


Asset Management

by IBM Maximo & NousPratIT

IBM and NousPratIT combine forces to bring you the leading Asset Management solution

Facilities Management

by IBM Maximo & NousPratIT

IBM and NousPratIT bring you the leading Facilities Management solution

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IBM Maximo®

Asset Management

made easy with NousPratIT

Maximo Asset Management

Essential insights for intelligent asset maintenance, facilities management and operations.

Reduce Downtime

Effectively plan and monitor all assets. Schedule work efficiently ensuring minimum downtime for each asset.

Eliminate Costly Breakdowns

When equipment, machinery or vehicles breakdown, it costs more than just the repair.

Real-time Information

With Maximo you have real time information that is crucial to the operation the company.

Cost Monitoring

Monitor the cost of work orders, maintenance, spare parts, suppliers and subcontractors

Maximo transforms Asset Management

IBM Maximo transforms how organizations manage their assets

NousPratIT Customizes Maximo

NousPratIT will customize Maximo to meet the organization’s needs, so we start from you!

Asset Management

Location, function, work and cost history of each asset. Roll up costs, asset modeling and improved asset safety are all critical factors to the operation of the entire enterprise.

Materials Management

Track all materials, parts, components and their usage, including serialized assets and their movement through the enterprise. Inventory optimization made easy.

Work Management

Supports planned and unplanned maintenance activities from initial service requests to work order generation, through completion and recording of actual results.

Procurement Management

Plan demand, streamline purchasing processes, ensure compliance with existing purchasing contracts and analyze vendor performance.

Contract Management

Fully manage vendor contracts with terms and conditions library, payment schedule support and associate SLA’s, ensuring accurate vendor performance.

Who uses IBM Maximo®


of the 12 largest Pharmaceutical Companies


of the 15 busiest Airports


of the 10 largest Energy



of the 10 largest Automotive Companies


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Plants, Production lines, Warehouses

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Roads, Bridges, Vehicles, Aircraft, Airports, Rails & Trains

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Transmission and Distribution Networks, Oil, Gas, Renewable

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Buildings & Property

Commercial Offices, Hospitals, Government Buildings, Museums

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Wells, damns, treatment plants

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Telco networks, buildings, services

Think – Nous, Act – Prat, IT Solutions

Passion and Hard work are the keys of our success.

Intelligent IT Solutions are the result!

Intuitive User Experience

Manager in the office or Technician in the field, you have all the important information in a view

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IBM Maximo Start Center

Arrange the day’s work requirements in your personalized start center

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IBM Maximo Work Order

Monitor each work order as it’s carried out by the onsite technician

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IBM Maximo 360 Degree

Get a 360 Degree of work and results, through personalized dashboards

Custom Mobile Application

Designed by NousPratIT and integrated with IBM Maximo®.

Our Greek client, wanted a simple mobile app, that would allow their technicians to complete a Work Order in the field, with ease.

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Location of WO

Select the location of the asset and hit Next.

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Asset of WO

Select the asset the and hit Next.

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Time of WO

Record the time to complete the task and hit Next

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Add Notes to WO

Add notes and hit Send, to inform completion of WO.

Choose the deployment model

With Maximo you can select the model that works for you

Flexible & Scalable

Maximo SaaS

Be up and running in hours with all services managed for you. Deploy new instances on demand, increase uptime, reduce costs and minimize risks.

Scalable & Secure

Maximo SaaS Dedicated

Benefit from scalability and security, along with the simplicity and convenience of a dedicated, private cloud environment.

Secure & Manageable

Maximo on Premise

Run Maximo software on the infrastructure you already have, with flexible licensing to help you manage costs.

Maximo Asset Management

with your Strategic partner NousPratIT

Contact NousPratIT

Contact us today for a demo or simply to discuss your IT requirements.

29 Tatoiou Street, Metamorfosi, 14451, Athens, Greece
+30 210 5121211

IBM Maximo® Contact Form

Get In Touch for Maximo


Tatoiou 29, 14451, Metamorfosi, Athens, Greece.


9 AM to 5:30 PM


+30 210 5121211


Maximo Accelerator for Facilities Management

Optimize energy use and operations performance across your facilities with a combination of software, services, and analytics.

Essential insights for intelligent facility maintenance, management and operations.

Reduce Costs

Effectively monitor all facilities and properties through real time data and reporting tools.

Improve Efficiency

Improve operating efficiency by standardizing Asset Management policies and procedures.

Quality Service

Increase the quality of service even more, with computer aided technology and mobile working.

Capital Monitoring

Monitor, projects, assets, maintenance, work orders, energy and environmental sustainability.

Passionhard work

are the keys of our success.

NousPratIT is the result!

NousPratIT Customizes Maximo

NousPratIT will customize Maximo Accelerator to meet the organization’s needs, so we start from you!

Facilities & Space Management

Monitor all locations and facilities from your customized dashboard.

Real Estate Management

Properties and buildings are managed with real time reporting.

Environmental Sustainability

Manage the environmental footprint of all properties.

Capital Management

Define, plan, and monitor all activities required to create and maintain capital assets.

Project Management

Ensure successful project management of all facility management activities.


Data Access

Easy access to data and reports, to help you integrate operations and maximize efficiencies.

IoT Integration

Seamlessly link your data with connected assets and sensors for 360-degree full life-cycle asset management.

Mobile Working

Achieve better quality data out in the field with a more proactive and responsive workforce.

Contact NousPratIT

Contact us today for a demo or simply to discuss your IT requirements.

29 Tatoiou Street, Metamorfosi, 14451, Athens, Greece
+30 210 5121211

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