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NousPratIT is a start-up, driven, greek company that provides solutions in the Development & Implementation areas of IT. Founded by professionals with over 20 years experience in information technology at the areas of Sales, Services, Software Development, Project Management and Business Development.


The name of NousPratIT comes from the greek words “Νους” (mind), “Πράττω” (act) and is completed by the “IT” acronym (Information Technology). This means that we “act” in terms of “IT” with our “mind”. That is, with consciousness, perception, thought, judgment and memory, which are the mental capacities of the mind. We use the power of reasoning and thought, the power of imagination, recognition and appreciation. We act with the mind that is responsible for the processing of thoughts and feelings, resulting in our attitudes and actions.

Here at NousPratIT our main goal is to cover seamlessly your every need!



Our relationship with you to be based on respect and trust.


To develop solutions giving added value to your company/organization and personnel.


To be your Strategic and Trustworthy associate in terms of information technology and new technologies, by providing you and the corresponding market Knowledge, Honesty and Value.


  • Co-operation with the most important greek and foreign companies that provide a wide range of solutions having multi-year experience to crucial enterprise and technological sectors.

  • Provision of Specialized Services for Consultancy, Architecture Design, Analysis, Integration, Implementation and Testing.

  • Independence – Flexibility. Emphasis is placed on the analysis of the company’s needs and priorities. Then, the optimal solution is being chosen, guaranteed by NousPratIT.

  • Project Implementation Methodology. For Project Implementation, we rely on well-known Methodologies (PRINCE2-PMBOR) tailored to the particular needs of each Project / Customer.

Explore our range of solutions!

NousPratIT has a wide range of products and services that maximize the benefits and profits of your business.

Software Product Development

Having tremendous experience and knowledge of current technology trends and constantly researching new trends, we create product-solutions always in cutting-edge technology that come to meet your particular needs and requirements.

Projects Implementation

Having a deep knowledge and experience of business needs and after having spent many years working with the top systems of the foreign and greek market (ERP, CRM etc.), we are able to digital transform your business in the best possible way.


Having built a large circle of acquaintances and collaborators in the field of information technology, we are able to commission on your behalf the implementation of IT projects and services to our certified external partners.


After all these years of experience and training of our executives in a wide range of IT projects has made us more than capable of providing you with the best consultancy that includes a huge range of technology matters.


Our Address!

You will find us at: 29 Tatoiou St., 14451, Metamorfosi,  Attiki, Greece

Phone: +30-210-5121211, Fax: +30-210-5121228, Email: info@nouspratit.gr

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The driving force of NousPratIT is you. For any issue that concerns you, please leave your details in the form below and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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