Data Analytics

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Data Analytics

Collect, organize and examine your data to find valuable information

Save Time

Get valuable insights immediately from your existing resources.

Big Data – Better Analytics

Real Time Analytics from Big Data is used in every field/industry to provide accurate insights.

Data Storage

Secure your data in state-of-the-art Data Warehouses, risk free.

Decision Making

Make better decisions, by verifying and eliminating risks, with Risk Analysis

Data Analytics and the Future

Find out more about Data Analytics with this video by Lockheed Martin

NousPratIT Data Analytics

NousPratIT will create a Data Analytics Strategy to meet the organization’s needs, so we start from you!

Descriptive Analysis

Descriptive data analysis looks at past data and tells what happened. This is often used when tracking Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s), revenue, sales leads, and more.


Diagnostic data analysis aims to determine why something happened. Once your descriptive analysis shows that something negative or positive happened, diagnostic analysis can be done to figure out the reason.

Predictive Analysis

Predictive data analysis predicts what is likely to happen in the future. In this type of research, trends are derived from past data which are then used to form predictions about the future.

Prescriptive Analysis

Prescriptive data analysis combines the information found from the previous 3 types of data analysis and forms a plan of action for the organization to face the issue or decision.


Also referred to as Data Mining. It is a method to discover a pattern in large data sets using databases or data mining tools. It used to transform raw data into business information, using Business Intelligent tools.

Data Analysis prediction by 2025



The total amount of data



The global datasphere subject to data analysis



Real time data & 95% will be IoT data



1 Trillion



data analytics for banking


Freud Detection, Secure Transactions, Risk Management, Enhancement of the overall performance of banking system

IBM Maximo for transportation


Help in asset management,  Minimization of project costs, Better planning of transportation services 

Digital Marketing

Retaining old customers, Retargeting customers by deep analyzing to their profile, Using the existing audience database to target similar clients 

Health Care

Recognition of disease patterns, Reduce waiting times, Tracking patient records, Suggestion of available treatment to doctors via smart apps

IBM MAximo for water sector


Boost traveling experience since airlines can handle traveler’s data effectively and meet their demands by providing services accordingly, Tailor made offers, Help in quick travelers identification and purchases 


Identification of the most viewed products and the most visited pages.  Increase in the number of sales by evaluating customers behavior. Creation of a high performing marketing model

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Data Analysis & Business Intelligence

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Sales Analytics

Sales Analytics report including basic financial KPI’s, proposals for greater profit and more

Predictive Analytics

Predictive Analytics and Trend Analysis over time, using your business historical data

crm analytics

CRM Analytics

CRM Analytics report including some factors, company’s opportunities including those that urned into profit

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