Entersoft Business Suite®

Entersoft Business Suite® is a comprehensive and integrated business software suite, fully customizable from NousPratIT

Entersoft Business Suite with NousPratIT

NousPratIT customizes Entersoft Business Suite for Large or Medium size companies

Automate Corporate Operations

Set up and monitor all company operations according to your plan of action.

Streamline Processes

Make it easy for everyone in the organization know what to do and how to do it.

Empower Timely and Informed Decisions

Get the right report at the right time to make the best possible decisions.

Optimize Costs

Forecast, monitor and plan your financial decisions accurately.

Entersoft Business Suite’s® ERP

Coordinate and distribute information across the organization that enhance productivity and competitiveness. Get the right information from accurate Reports, Dashboards and Business Intelligence analytics.

Entersoft Business Suite’s® CRM

Fulfill the needs of Sales, Marketing and Customer Service divisions of the organization, providing an integrated software environment for a 360o, real time insight of customers and contacts.

Entersoft Business Suite’s® RETAIL

Designed for the retail industry with hybrid functionality (online and offline). Supports Retail Cycle, including orders, receipts, payments, credit card clearing, returns, powerful stock replenishment proposals.

Entersoft Business Suite’s® WMS

Enable your organization to decide upon daily operational processes, reduce complexity, optimize costs and manage resources within and beyond the warehouse boundaries.

Entersoft Business Suite’s® MOBILE

For tablets and smart phones, organize and control your contacts and all activities “on-the-field” anytime, anywhere. Designed to operate standalone or fully integrated with the ERP and/or CRM data base.

Entersoft Business Suite’s® Ε-Commerce

Comprehensively supports all your e-commerce needs and functions for Β2Β and company portals and intranets, in no time.

Think – Nous Make – Prat(o) IT Solutions

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Intelligent IT Solutions are the result!

Entersoft Customized by NousPratIT

Entersoft Business Suite is ideal for large and medium sized enterprises as well as group of companies who wish to convert advanced technology into competitive advantage.

Step 1

Your Business requirements

We will come to your business and discuss what is important for you.

Step 3

Custom Solution

We will customize Entersoft to meet the requirements stated in the Design Document and plan for additional needs.

Step 2

Design Document

The Design Document states all business requirements and how we will implement these.

Step 4

Test & Deploy

Finally we will test the solution with you, to ensure that it covers all requirements when it goes live!

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