SoftOne series 6

SoftOne Series 6 is an innovative software platform that combines the power of the cloud with the most advanced process automation technologies. NousPratIT tailors it to your business to smoothly transition to the new digital era.

SoftOne Series 6 with NousPratIT

NousPratIT customizes SoftOne Series 6 for Large or Medium size companies

Automate Corporate Operations

Set up and monitor all company operations according to your plan of action.

Streamline Processes

Make it easy for everyone in the organization know what to do and how to do it.

Empower Timely and Informed Decisions

Get the right report at the right time to make the best possible decisions.

Optimize Costs

Forecast, monitor and plan your financial decisions accurately.

Innovative user interface

Soft1 Cloud ERP Series 6 software series delivers a truly unique user experience. The all-new leaner design, brings ease of use and speed at the forefront, making it simpler for users to access the right information faster, allowing a more intuitive and efficient workflow.

SoftOne Cloud CRM

Soft1 CRM Series 6 provides your business with the edge to gain visibility into the most accurate customer information and better understand your client’s behavior. Featuring real-time functionality, Soft1 CRM Series 6 enables your people to connect and strengthen existing relationships as well as create new sales opportunities from anywhere, using any mobile device.

Bring your customers’ information in one place and execute every part of the customer experience, from marketing, sales, support and service.

SoftOne Enterprise Mobility

Discover the Enterprise Mobility solutions by SOFT1 & Regate and provide your employees with all the necessary portable tools aiming at enhanced productivity and reaction speed, better control of your business, cost reduction and errors, and improved customer service. Take the next step to the digital transformation of your business and change the way that your employees work, connect with each other, with the customers, suppliers, and partners.

Accounting Applications

SoftOne Books is a comprehensive accounting management solution that delivers time and money saving functionality, assisting accountants to streamline operations, reduce processing time and improve over-all efficiency.

SoftOne Payroll

SoftOne Payroll includes a complete employee’s archive that allows you to input unlimited payroll and personal information, while tracking all employment relations. At the same time, it has the necessary infrastructure to address, in a timely and valid manner, all changes that will arise from the introduction of the Digital Employee Card and the online connection of companies with the ERGANI II information system.

SoftOne HRMS

SoftOne HRMS includes a complete employee’s archive that allows you to put unlimited personal and professional data, and supports the monitoring of every aspect of your employees’ development.

 Soft1 HRMS drives HR digital transformation, eliminating traditional manual processes and optimizing daily operations, since all employees spend more time in high value-added activities.

Think – Nous Make – Prat(o) IT Solutions

Passion and Hard work are the keys of our success.

Intelligent IT Solutions are the result!

SoftOne Customized by NousPratIT

SoftOne is ideal for large and medium sized enterprises as well as group of companies who wish to convert advanced technology into competitive advantage.

Step 1

Your Business requirements

We will come to your business and discuss what is important for you.

Step 3

Custom Solution

We will customize SoftOne to meet the requirements stated in the Design Document and plan for additional needs.

Step 2

Design Document

The Design Document states all business requirements and how we will implement these.

Step 4

Test & Deploy

Finally we will test the solution with you, to ensure that it covers all requirements when it goes live!

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