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Software Product Development

Our development team designs, develops and implements cloud enterprise business solutions, desktop applications, mobile applications and various custom products for specific customer needs. How?

Design business appliction

Design or Transform

Designing something from scratch or transforming the existing application to the latest technology, we begin with your immediate business needs.


Our team of developers works with you to ensure the application does what you want. We make sure during the workshops, that this happens effortlessly.

Quality Assurance

Let’s not get technical! We create user friendly applications using the latest technology, in the cloud or on premise. It can be integrated, it’s mobile friendly and has the quality support of a dedicated team.

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IBM Solutions

Rethink how your organization manages assets with IBM Maximo®

and learn how to operationalize AI in your business with IBM Watson

Asset Management

IBM Maximo® Asset Management Reduce downtime, eliminate costly breakdowns, get real-time info and monitor costs

Facilities Management

IBM Maximo® Accelerator for Facilities Management. Reduce costs, improve efficiency, provide quality service and capital monitoring.

Data Analytics

IBM Watson Studio helps you predict and shape future outcomes, automate complex processes and optimize your employees’ time.


IBM Watson Assistant is a ChatBot that delivers fast, accurate information to your customers, employees and citizens on any channel.

Entersoft Business Suite®

Entersoft Business Suite® is a comprehensive and integrated business software suite for ERP, CRM, Retail, Mobile, E-Commerce and Business Intelligence applications.

ERP- CRM – Retail – E-Commerce

All or one we can deliver the setup to get your business going even faster.

Integrate your E-Shop with Entersoft

Our team integrates your e-shop with Entersoft ERP, one way or both ways, to make it easy for you to sell.

Big Data Services

Data Science & Artificial Intelligence

Make optimum decisions, product innovation, retain customers and save money



Collect, organize and examine your data to find valuable information

Business Intelligence

Effective decision making, overview of the organization, consolidation of data

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